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Arsenal Transfer Rumours: Ivan Perisic, Malcom, Mesut Ozil
The most up-to-date Arsenal information and transfer rumours on Monday, January 28, which include Malcom and Mesut Ozil.
Ivan Perisic has handed inside of a transfer ask for at Inter Milan soon after Arsenal had a mortgage offer turned down for the winger.
Transfer Centre Dwell!
Inter director Guiseppe Marotta informed Sky in Italy: \"Perisic has asked to depart but there is no present for him. We`ll see in the coming days.
\"We will pay attention towards the ask for of Perisic, ผลบอลสด he has put in the transfer ask for; we have to test to satisfy him but also regard the worth of him.\"
Inter Milan director Guiseppe Marotta suggests the club try to harmony `economics` alongside the wishes of Perisic
Sky in Italy states Arsenal proposed an preliminary mortgage for Perisic, using an choice to get for £34.5m, but Inter look to choose a everlasting transfer with the Croatia intercontinental.
According to Milan-based newspaper Libero, Perisic has agreed own conditions with Arsenal despite the two golf equipment not agreeing over a mortgage or transfer deal.
The Sunshine promises Arsenal are inside the operating to signal Barcelona winger Malcom on the financial loan deal. The north London club have reportedly proposed a mortgage deal to sign the Brazil global at the same time as Denis Suarez.
Arsenal would reportedly really have to shell out about £50m should they wished to sign Malcom permanently.
Inter Milan are interested in signing Mesut Ozil on loan, based on the Every day Star, but want Arsenal to pay for half of his wages should really any offer be concluded.
Ozil could possibly be applied as element of a potential swap deal for Perisic.
The Solar also are reporting that Arsenal are taking a look at Pablo Fornals. The 22-year-old is thought to have a £28.5m release clause in his agreement and his performances for Villarreal this period are reported to possess impressed Unai Emery.
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