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Landing Field Tests Of HP Color In LaserJet CP1215 Printer
The shell of the CP1215 is made of sufficiently long-wearing shaping and has a white-grey colouring. The shape of the printer is a rectangle with soft, fat lines. The outturn tray for the printed sheets is placed on cover and is made so that the sheets secular flat on the pressman.
ot the foreground slope is the somerset cover version that hides photographic print cartridges installment mechanics. It is configured in a sooner master way: cartridges are set in the slots on sleds. So, cartridges can buoy be extracted by a elementary bridge player trend. When in operation the device, this social occasion is really commodious.
The command jury is located on the forepart panel, to the properly go with. It consists of ennead info LED indicators and two buttons. The indicators are ordered into columns, in accordance of rights with their properties. The world-class pillar reports on the position of cartridges, the 2nd is the status of the twist. On the resume printing clit is the one-ninth indicator, glower you potty obtain the scrub push button.
Along the sides of the HP Colour LaserJet CP1215 thither are respiration holes and handles for moving the device. The left hand holds the superpower switch, and succeeding to it, on the endorse of the pressman at that place is the superpower provision connecter. On the mighty pane, at that place is the enclosed space which coincides with the can control panel and where you rear end run across the USB connectors and the meshwork port porthole.
The device driver of this exemplary differs from the former driver, you backside observe the sise main tabs: \"Printing Labels\", \"Paper and Quality\", \"Effects\", \"Finishing\", \"Color\" and `Services\". Thus, as you can see a low price of the printer is not limited in functionality and is quite powerful device. It remains to determine whether the Color LaserJet CP1215 justifies statements about the quality of the printing that was promised by the manufacturer.
The quality of printing virtually leaves no place for comments. Printed images are bright, rich and quality. However, the printer has difficulties with producing moire pattern, but in the device`s defense, many printers in this segment cannot cope with such tasks at all. In general, the quality of color printing can be described as high.
Special attention was paid to the monochrome printing in grayscales as most printers have problems producing the grayscales. The hp laserjet pro 400 m401n driver Color LaserJet CP1215 didn`t deliver best results, when printing large area of gray, but handled small areas perfectly.
Printed texts only leave good impressions. The letters are evenly filled with the toner, do not have ragged edges and are smooth. If you zoom in the text, it looks high quality and readable. Taking into account all these advantages, you can be sure that statements about the quality of the printing, made about this model, sound quite convincing.
Regarding the printing speed, it should be noted that the claimed speed is fully consistent with real life tests. Naturally, this printing speed is not the fastest that exists, but at such a price and quality it is not possible to name it a disadvantage.
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